Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Black and Gold for Life

A much belated (one week late) CONGRATULATIONS to my gorgeous little sister!!!!!!!! In August, she will be heading 3,333 ft. above sea level to the cool, refreshing NC mountains! She was selected for a huge teaching scholarship and not to just any university. The only University as far as these three sisters are concerned. Nat is a genius, to say the least and her passion for teaching is undescribeable. I could not be more proud!!
Now that she is officially headed to Boone, I think I am allowed to say the following: We cannot imagine our little Natalie going to any other school. Obviously I would even be proud of the little one going to a rival like Furman (that's for you, MM)... but thank God we will never find out what that would have been like. Love you little one!!!!!


  1. yay nat! :) muffin now we have another reason to visit boone! :) can we go back to stick boy- yummmmmm!!!!

  2. You girls are so freaking cute! :) I love it! :) congrats to the sister!