Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cousin Love

Today may be St. Patrick's day, but even more importantly, it's my wonderful cousin Roger's birthday!! We won't discuss his age, as it's just a number anyways, but I promised him that I would dedicate a birthday post in his honor. Ever since Roger discovered my blog, he has been all over it. He may have even called me a brat for having my own little niche on the world wide web but deep down, I know it was all said in the name of cousin love. Roger, I know you have been waiting all day with baited breath to see your face in the blog spotlight! Doesn't your face look so handsome on here? (of course with your gorgeous wife by your side!)
Each and every day I try to recruit Roger to join the growing world of blogs and twitter but I just can't seem to make him budge. Maybe all of this fame and attention he will get on Peace, Love & Good Food will entice him to take the plunge!

Love you, Roger!!! Happy Birthday!

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