Thursday, July 1, 2010


Thanks to my sweet little sister, I was reminded that exactly three years ago from yesterday, we were hiking the Cinque Terre Trail. To date, this is the most magnificent and breathtaking place that I have ever been to. If this doesn't look like bliss, I don't know what does. Frolicking around the motherland taking in all that we could and tasting everything in sight along the way seems like a far and away dream. Alas, this trip was nothing short of magical. Whenever I need a a little pick me up, I click through my pictures and re-live these perfect 16 days. Venice...Cinque Terre...Florence...Rome. I am trying to convince MM that we need to take an Italian holiday as soon as possible. Maybe if I give him a spoonful of nutella a day, that will do the trick?!

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