Saturday, May 28, 2011

40 Day Challenge

Now that the sun is making a consistent appearance and a week on Kiawah Island is in my near future, I have hopped back on the workout wagon in a big way. I never really hopped off, but during the dreary winter months, my motivation was lacking and the thought of making a trip to our basement treadmill was a chore. The whole CrossFit thing was fun for awhile, and I definitely learned how far I can push myself, but overall, the culture was just too intense for me. So back to running and gym time for me. I am not a marathon runner and I do not run miles upon miles every time I lace up my shoes, but when I run, I'm reminded of the personal motivation I found within myself several years ago to get healthy and lose weight. I have never had huge body image issues, but I would be lying if I said I didn't struggle with it when I was younger. When I had free time that I didn't know what to do with my freshman year of college, I used that time to run. It was a slow and steady process but as I saw my body change shape and extra pounds melt off, I had an extra confidence boost and my mood, which is an above average state of happy, skyrocket even beyond that. It's amazing how that happens.

My West Coast sister started a 40 Day Challenge this week and I decided to join up! It's nothing crazy or life changing, but a nice jump start to summer that we can all keep each other accountable while doing. The challenge is simple- 3 miles every day for 40 day. Ideally, this means running 3 miles a day but if you want to mix it up, mix it up! Bike, stairs, walk...however you feel that day! I'll be alternating 3 mile runs with 3 miles on the stairs and 9 miles on the bike. I have also been strength training and mixing in Pilates and Yoga a few days a week. Mark and I usually get 95% of our day right in the eating department so I will be keeping up the healthy eating and cutting back the wine to only two or so glasses a week. If you want to link up, too, click on over to Danica's blog and join the challenge. I'm excited that my lovie sisters will be joining, too! We're thinking about a weekly Nido girl post.

Here's to being beach ready for the end of June! Ready...set...GO!

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  1. YAY so excited that you are joining in! :) You are going to do awesome and I'm glad we can keep each other accountable for our working out!