Monday, May 2, 2011

Riding the Royal High

I should have written this royal recap on Friday, while my emotions were still fresh and while I was still immersed in all of the royal beauty, but the truth is, I have been too glued to all things royal and the level of obsession at this point might be unhealthy. I will never forget waking up before the sun to watch Wills & Kate walk down the aisle in what was like watching a real life Disney movie being played out before my eyes.

Kate (or should I say Dutchess Catherine) looked absolutely flawless. Her dress was beyond gorgeous and truly fit for a princess. I had to do a double take when I first saw her dress because it's just like what my mom wore in 1981! I predict lace sleeves prove to be a huge bridal trend in the coming years. Kate's hair, her makeup and entire bridal look was just timeless. We will all look back at this in 20, 30, 40 years and it will still be beautiful. As my beautiful great Aunt Theresa used to always say, "simplicity is the key note to fashion".

And we cannot forget Princes William and Harry. Watching the childlike exchanges between them was a quick reminder that these young men still have the same souls as the two boys I watched grow up with me. And those weren't the only glances throughout the ceremony. The looks between Will and Kate spoke volumes and you can tell that the two of them are madly in love. Le sigh.

The tradition and pageantry that was reflected in the beautiful wedding ceremony was like nothing I have ever seen before. It truly took my breath away. Kate's four minute walk down the aisle with her dad was when I couldn't hold in the tears any longer. After all, I did the same thing not even 8 months ago.

And there is something so special about billions of people, coming together and sharing in the excitement of Happily Ever After. In a world with such heavy news in recent months, it was nice to turn on the television to see nothing but pure joy and happiness. There was no political agenda and no political bias involved. The sole reason behind the celebration was just as a wedding celebration should be- LOVE.

all images via The New York Times.

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