Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hey, Joe

Our Memorial day weekend looked a little something like this:

We made a life changing (in the food department) purchase this weekend and I couldn't be more excited. Actually, I think Mark might even be more excited about his new child and I'm just happy that I have an official sous-chef! Mark spent several weeks researching grills and smokers all while my taste buds were watering, wondering when we would finally be able to enjoy some delicious grilled bites. We finally brought our new child home on Saturday and he has been sitting proudly on our deck ever since. We have used our new Komado Joe the past three nights and each dinner has been tastier than the last. We broke in the grill on Sunday night with The Chidester's Jalapeno Basil Burgers, we celebrated Memorial Day with a very American dinner of grills brats and corn on the cob and tonight we sunk our teeth into maple soy marinated skirt steak. I look forward to warm summer nights, margaritas on the deck and seeing my wonderful husband throw down with Bobby Flay someday (a Food Network obsessed girl can dream, right!?)

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