Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Mantra Challenge

When my dear friend Crystal Muffin came to visit me in September, she shared this idea with me and I immediately knew this was something I wanted to keep up with. It's a great way to start off the week, get things off of your chest that may be bothering you or just spread some loving thoughts and encouragement. I used to be a devoted journal writer but sadly, I have kind of fallen away from it. When I have the time in my day to sit down and write, I blog. I regret not keeping up with a daily written journal right now but I am happy to say that this just may be the next best thing.

Every Monday, Crystal and I send our Monday Mantra to each other. We are brutally honest yet 100% thoughtful. And I believe our outlooks on the week are much better because of it! If you feel up to it, I challenge you to try out the weekly Monday Mantra (or Tuesday, Wednesday... any day!) Scoop up someone who you are not afraid to share with and can just write it all down and reflect. The good, the bad, the ugly and the really good glittery moments. Because we all could use a little sparkle in our day.

Monday Mantra
MANTRA... (quote of the week)

Source: via Nina on Pinterest


  1. What a great idea! Having this on Monday can give you a fresh look at the week & get anything negative off of your chest!

  2. I LOVE THIS!!! makes my heart smile!!! that reminds me have i sent this weeks??!!?? :)

  3. So sweet, Nina! What a great idea and I could see how it could get your week off to a positive start. Please don't be shocked if you see it make an appearance on Find Your Spark! :) Thank you for all of your sweet words, thoughts and prayers, friend. Hope you're doing well!
    P.S. have you tried starbucks new skinny peppermint mocha? Um, Christmas in a cup without all of the guilt. YES, please!