Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nina + Mark and The Great Whipped Cream Debate

Source: squidoo.com via Nina on Pinterest

The conversations that take place at our dinner table are always the best. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we vent and sometimes we finish dinner with the feeling that we have just made the world a better place and that all problems have been solved. We have even fallen over in our chairs a few times (no lie). Then there are the times that we get on the most random of topics, and just go with it.

I LOVE Thanksgiving and think it might quite possibly be the most perfect day of the year. It's the official kickoff to the holiday season without all of the material things and stress of checked off lists that seem to consume our brain throughout the month of December (I'm just as guilty as anyone). On Thanksgiving, families gather together for cherished time, traditions and enjoy the happiness that is being together. It's a holiday about peace! And love! And good food! Duh.

Being Italian, I often get questions like "do you eat turkey on Thanksgiving?" "Do you eat pasta instead?" Do you stuff your face with pasta first AND THEN dine on the holiday bird". Just because we're Italian does not mean we're un-American! Of course we eat turkey. Lots of it. My mom makes the most amazing stuffing in which she adds Italian sausage...and that's just about as Italian as our Thanksgiving Day gets. We have been known to add the occasional pumpkin gnocchi or butternut squash ravioli to our meal but you will never find a meatball or pile of paparadelle on our Thanksgiving table.

The point of this all being that the Thanksgiving meal we enjoy with Mark's family is so similar to what my family has always made. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce...the works. But where the difference lies is really so trivial, yet huge at the same time. While discussing pumpkin pie last night at the dinner table, Mark expressed his love for cool whip. And not a small puff, a whipped explosion! I explained to him that so much cool whip overpowers the pie and doesn't allow you to savor the pumpkin. It's also way too sweet for my liking, which is why next to homemade whipped cream that my mother so often spoils us with, I prefer Reddi Whip! Growing up, Reddi Whip had a constant presence in our refrigerator and to me, pumpkin pie is not the same without it. Mark tends to disagree. The whipping cream war continues.

So, I'm taking a Thanksgiving poll this Thanksgiving week! What dollop do you prefer on your slice?

P.S. Go Team Reddi Whip!


  1. Haha, just asked a fellow foodie after reading, and he said, "you can't spray cool whip in your mouth!". So hands down, Reddi Whip for the win!

  2. Sorry, I side with Mark on this one. But, in a pinch, I wouldn't hate on the Reddi Wip! ;)

  3. Reddi Whip for recreational use (spray in the mouth year-round). Cool whip on the pie...a HUGE scoop (or 2) is always better than a sprayed pile!

  4. I'm with your mom on this one! :)

  5. Cool Whip. A few large scoops. As in a little pumpkin pie with my Cool Whip. But, you knew that already, didn't you? :)