Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Banana Cream

You all are in for a major treat! The littlest sister (Natalie) made this frozen goodness last week and it was love at first bite! My arm never has to be twisted for dessert but if you are talking a healthy dessert? Well, I'll take an extra scoop please!

This "ice cream" is made with frozen bananas. BANANAS. That's it! Nat had a little blender conundrum, so she added a quick pour of half and half to help with the texture. When we tested the final product, we were all going crazy thinking about all of the fun add-ins that would make this Summer dessert even sweeter. Cinnamon, mini chocolate chips, peanut butter, blueberries...and so many other friendly things that could take this healthy dessert into not so healthy territory. I definitely wouldn't cheat on my beloved mint chocolate chip (preferably of the green variety) and say that Banana Cream is just as good, but when you're in need of something sweet, but don't want a sacrifice day's worth of healthy eating and a great workout, this frozen treat surely does the trick!

Banana Cream

A bunch of bananas, sliced
splash of milk, cream or half and half

Slice bananas and arrange on a cookie sheet. Place in freezer for a few hours. 

In a food processor or blender (we found that the processor works much better), process bananas until smooth and ice creamy. Add mix-ins if desired. Transfer to a freezer safe container and let harden for a few hours before devouring.

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  1. This sounds sooo good! I think I'm going to try it and add Nutella. Thanks for sharing.