Monday, July 23, 2012

Perfect Vinaigrette

It's no secret that around here, salads are basically a food group all in their own. Not only are they a great way to mix flavors and try something new, but they are a great way to take advantage of seasonal produce and are healthy to boot!

Open up my refrigerator and you will never find a bottle of salad dressing. A simple vinaigrette could not be easier to make, not to mention you can control what you put into it! With all of the added sugars, sodium and a plethora of other ingredients that I can never pronounce, found in store bought dressings, making your own vinaigrette leaves you feeling good about what you are eating.  I stick to a easy formula with easy substitutions and additions that yields perfect results every time...

You can find the rest of this post over at my dear friend Julie's site, Cooking Therapy, where I am guest posting today. Enjoy!

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