Friday, July 13, 2012

We Came. We Saw. We Bought A LOT of Stuff.

I just returned home from a 36 hour trip down to Atlanta to attend America's Mart with Sophie.   We went with several goals for Pour Olive in mind by the end of our time, I would say we were super successful!

We drove down early Wednesday morning and got home last night. The term "sensory overload" has an entirely new meaning to me. Our quick trip was spent in large buildings upon buildings, travelling from show room to show room. It was almost like real life Pinterest vignettes before my very eyes! We found so many specialty food items, kitchen goods and foodie gifts for the store. We were constantly eyeing inspiration for new window displays and DIY ideas for the shop! Also, with Mark and I moving into our new home next month, I also stored away home decor inspiration, creative ideas and reconfirmed that grey is my new favorite neutral! 

It was so neat to meet vendors and shop owners from all over the country- there are so many creative people in this world and every one of them has a story to share. We stuck mostly around gourmet foods and home goods. We didn't even make it to apparel and accessories- I can only imagine how much I would be drooling. I'm confident that a week there wouldn't even be enough to see everything. Here are some of my favorite finds from our trip!

Cat Studio was such a find! It's a small company based out of California that features these incredible hand stitched state pillows! I think North Carolina, Illinois and The North Pole need a home in our new house. We met the owner of the company and talked to him for awhile which was so neat. Cat Studio also features fun dishtowels, cups, aprons and other gift items with the same state, city and regional prints. Any of their items would make a dynamite gift. Everyone's heartstrings lead them back to special places.

I don't remember the name of this showroom, but I snapped the picture because I fell in love with the coral ikat lamp and the coral chevron pillow! I'll take the gold, orange and tan floor lamp, too, please! I'm filing this away in my new house folder because I have no choice but to incorporate this color in our home. I love a bright, cheerful coral pop!

Ohhhh Vietri. These handmade Italian dishes had me wanting all kinds of new additions to our dinnerware. The pieces in most of their collections just may be the most beautiful dinnerware I have ever seen. The white Lastra and white Incanto collections are, hands down, my favorites. I love seeing my food on a crisp white plate and the detail on both of these collections is just dreamy.

Sugarboo Designs caught my eye nearly two years ago and I was so excited to walk into their showroom! The pillows and fun artwork add playful happiness to any space. The sweet words on the center canvas made Sophie and I cry.

"To my sweet darlings, Do you know how much you are loved? 
All the way around the world forever and a day. 
And how do you suppose out of all the little darlings in the world we got the very best ones?
Be good and take care of each other. We know you will do great things in the world.
Yours always. xoxo"

More design inspiration! I love the neutral wingback chairs and the rounded mirror windows lined up against the wall. 

Twinkle lights aren't just for Christmas. I do believe you can never have enough of them.

Thanks for a fun time, AmericasMart! We'll be back...


  1. Epp! how exciting! I love Vetri dishes too! I can't wait to come to Charlotte and experience Pour Olive! And well met you of course. Hopefully before the end of the summer.

  2. So fun! I love the Mart!! The apparel & accessories side is insane as well. Scarves, jewelry galore. So glad you're back in the south!

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