Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vanilla Bean Scones

I won't even try to take credit for these perfectly, super vanilla-y breakfast slash really more like a not too sweet dessert pastry treats. When she's not busy being a PA and saving the children of Charlotte, Andi has been quite the baker over the past few weeks. It seems as though she's arriving at our doorstep everyday with treats of all kinds. I have begged, and begged, but since my sweet sister is too shy to share this herself, and three batches of these babies later, I'm doing it for her.

These scones are nothing short of melt in your mouth magic. They are light, fluffy, and when glazed on all sides, the freshness stays in, keeping these just as good on day five as they are on day one. We love them with coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon or a sweet treat before bed. These would be the perfect addition to your Christmas baking day.

This recipe comes from The Pioneer Woman and I highly recommend it. Andi and I are already thinking of ways that we can experiment with different scones. Cinnamon chips anyone!?

You can find the recipe for these Petite Vanilla Bean Scones HERE

Note: Andi uses vanilla bean paste instead of vanilla beans.