Thursday, October 24, 2013

Little Will- 4 Months!

These monthly posts seem to creep up on my every month! Wasn't it just June!? I want to press pause on 2013 for a few moments. It's truly been the best year. 

Our little peanut turned FOUR MONTHS OLD on October 9. Every month and milestone is so bittersweet and we are loving it all. At his 4 month appointment, Will was 13 pounds, 1 ounce and 25 inches tall! Month four was another one full of milestones for baby Will. He's becoming less of a tiny, tired baby and more his own person!

His head control has really changed drastically. He is less wobbly and his little neck is so very strong! This makes him less frustrated during tummy time and also while he's being held. He likes to look around and take it all in. My mom likes to say that he just "doesn't miss a trick!"

Our voices are definitely recognizable to Will. He perks up when he hears either one of us, even if we're in separate rooms.

He's also more aware of Wrigley these days which is so funny. He tries to reach out for him, feel his fur and doesn't even mind a giant lick when Wrigs swipes his tongue across his face. I think our doodle child is starting to adjust better to the human child as well.

Will is still the best little sleeper and continues to sleep all night, every night. When he wakes up in the mornings, he talks and plays, kicking his entire legs and little body in the air, making for funny entertainment on the baby monitor. When he is unwrapped from his MIracle Blanket, his little arms stretch out so far like the cutest little baby birdie you ever saw. 

Will loves Justin Timberlake and no, I am not making that up. When I was pregnant, he would go crazy in my belly when Suit and Tie came on and now when I turn it on, he gets a giant smile on his face! We enjoy dance parties multiple times daily. 

In mid-September, we took a trip to Boone for a wedding! Will's first trip to the mountains was a giant success and he especially enjoyed a day with his Aunt Nat who babysat him while we were out celebrating. He also enjoyed his first trip to Melanie's! A true lovie experience.

Little laughs have started to come out and it is just the sweetest noise we have ever heard. 

We're looking forward to what month number 5 holds!

We love you sweet little buddy. Happy 4 months, little one!


  1. AH! I can't believe I have yet to meet this little guy...can we fix that, PLEASE?! He's so cute and so are you :) Miss you sweet friend!

  2. I need Will to be my onesie model. I love that picture of him and Wrigley! I can't believe he's already 4 months old!!