Monday, December 1, 2014

Chatbooks, I Love You

Instagram is my favorite social media platform and it's really the only place that I post pictures these days. But what is the point of posting daily snapshots and memories if you don't ever get them printed!? Don't let your pictures sit in the clouds forever. There is something so special about tangible memory books to look through for years to come. 

I recently came across Chatbooks via an Instagram post from someone I follow, and I am hooked! I simply downloaded the free app on my phone, synced my Instagram account Chatbooks automatically compiled several books full of my entire Instagram history- including captions. I went through and deleted the ones I didn't want and ended up with seven 60-page books filled with moments that make me smile. Each book was $6, which is an excellent value! My books arrived in less than a week and they are all so cute. The quality is great and I can't wait to keep adding to my collection. I'm trying my hardest not to overgram, but with this easy method of printing and binding, it's so hard not to Instagram ALL THE THINGS. 

Chatbooks also offers features to create custom books and hashtag books. Additionally, you can invite others to a book and collaborate together. I'm loving everything about this app. 

Use this code below to get your first Instagram Chatbook free! 

NOTE: This post is NOT sponsored. I just love Chatbooks so much and wanted to share! 

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