Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Favorite Apps for Baby + Toddler

As much as I hate to admit, there are snippets of technology that just make my life as a mom easier. I love hearing what apps other moms love, so I'm here today to share mine. What did our parents do when we were young!? How did our moms track feedings or know when we should nap. And did they even know what a "leap" was!?

The Wonder Weeks ($1.99)- I swear this app made it seem like there was a hidden camera in my house! It was recommended to me by several friends after Will was born and I've loved having it to reference again with Kate. This app tracks the mental leaps that babies make and the information is so, so helpful. Baby's age is calculated in the app based on his/her due date. Whenever something would seem "off" with Will or Kate, this was my first reference. The "leap alarms" seemed to always come when I feel like I'm about to lose all patience. By far one of my most favorite baby apps! 

Moms on Call Scheduler ($3.99)- This app is a great guideline for getting your baby on a schedule. I didn't follow it to a "t", but I was pretty close. It has great sample schedules and basic information like how many ounces baby should be taking, number of naps, etc. I loved this app for a quick reference, especially during the first 6 months when you are just trying to figure it all out. The Moms on Call book was also extremely helpful.  

Johnson & Johnson Bedtime (FREE)- I downloaded this app on a fluke, but it houses Will's favorite version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and it's now Kate's. This is really all that I use it for (the lullabies), but there is also a build in sound machine and a sleep tracking feature. 

iBaby Feed Timer ($4.99)- THE BEST! Another lifesaver when baby is eating ALL. THE. TIME. and your life revolves around tracking feedings. I guess our moms survived without something like this but I'm thankful I didn't have to find out what that was like! The timer is my favorite feature, as well as being able to note which side to start on next if you're nursing. You can also track sleep and diapers.

The Bump (FREE)- This is more a pregnancy app, but also useful after the baby is born. It sends weekly alerts with basic info on baby's milestones and what they may be doing that week. I loved getting weekly updates when I was pregnant and love getting them now as Kate grows up! 

PBS Kids Video (FREE)- This is Will's favorite and easy for him to navigate! I save this for long car rides when necessary. Curious George, Daniel Tiger, Sesame Street...the gang's all here on this one!

Elmo Calls ($1.99)- This one doesn't need to be hooked into wifi and is so fun for kids! Everyone loves Elmo.

YouTube Kids (FREE)- YouTube is my go to for Baby Einstein! Will is also now smart enough to navigate these things on his own and YouTube Kids is a censored version of YouTube that ensures anything he clicks on is kid friendly! 

Reindeer Cam ($0.99)- Because when Christmas rolls around, we like to see what's going on in the North Pole. Seriously though, Will LOVED this last Christmas and I know that he will have even more fun with it this year. 

For educational technology, Will has a LeapFrog epic that he got for Christmas. It's a little advanced for him but there are a few activities on it that he understands and they all teach him something. Additionally, here's a great list of Toddler apps from I'm definitely going to be checking some of these out! 


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