Saturday, August 13, 2016

Friday Faves (on Saturday)

Who has been watching the Olympics this week!? I just cannot get enough. Swimming, gymnastics, track...I love it all! And can we all agree that Nicole Johnson has the best hair in Rio? #hairgoals. Boomer is pretty cute, too. 

LOVING how Kate's baby book is turning out! I chose the Emily Ley Baby Book for its simple, clean and classic design. 

This Office/Playroom design is really inspiring me as I try to reconfigure some of the spaces in our house! 

Baby purees with meat used to gross me out but my little girlfriend needs her protein and she's been loving chicken with veggies lately! Baby Foodie has been my go to for recipes! 

In case you don't think it's too early for pumpkin beer, and if you're local to Charlotte, Noda now has Gordgeous on tap and it's pretty much my favorite pumpkin beer EVER. 

Chocolate- Tahini Butter. A rare bite I need to try! 

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