Sunday, August 7, 2016

Kate- 9 months old

NINE WHOLE MONTHS! Time just won't slow down and this girl keeps growing up! Something about the last single digit month makes her seem old...wasn't she just born!?

At 9 months, Kate is weighing in at 15.5-16ish pounds. We go for a well check this month so I'm anxious to see how tall she's gotten! She is still cruising in size 1 diapers and mostly 3-6 month and 6 month clothes. She still has just her bottom two teeth with the top two teeth ready to pop through any day! 

The day Kate turned 9 months was also the same day she turned 39 weeks and 1 day...the same amount of time she was in my belly! 

We are up to three meals of real food a day and she loves pretty much anything she eats! This month we added in some new foods like chicken, Greek yogurt and ricotta cheese. I've also started adding in more fresh herbs and spices. There hasn't been much that she won't eat- mealtime is this girl's favorite! 

Kate's big milestone during month nine was crawling! She is on the move now and there is nothing stopping her. It's time to baby proof everything again- I always feel like nothing is safe. As soon as she started crawling, it seemed like it took her no time at all to go from crawling to sitting position. The very morning she turned nine months old, we found her sitting up in her crib like such a big girl! She was smiling and laughing and just so proud. 

Kate's laugh is getting sweeter by the day. She giggles and belly laughs so hard, most of the time at Will. She's ticklish under her chin and right under her little ribs. She's FULL of tricks and likes to mimic us if we do them. She's waving, clapping and shaking her head back and forth (my favorite!) 

We had the best time at the fireworks over the Fourth of July holiday and we didn't really know how Kate would react. Turns out, she was completely mesmerized and couldn't take her eyes off of the show. Thanks to some good headphones, she enjoyed the fireworks in her pjs while sitting in my lap. 

It's been a hot Charlotte summer, but we like to get in playground dates after afternoon naps. Kate LOVES the swings and Will loves that he can swing next to his sister. It's the sweetest. We've also taken advantage of Imaginon's storytime as much as we can this Summer and it's been so much fun. She's really into it now! 

Not only has Kate graduated to the big swing, but she has graduated to sitting in the grocery cart! Living the dream at the HT these days. It's like a whole new world for her. Living large, little one!

This little girl is a true mermaid! She loves her baths and she loooooves the pool. We have spent so much time at the pool this summer and it's been the best. She splashes and laughs and kicks her legs like a crazy girl. She can't get enough of the water (and the Summer lover in me is loving the extra pool time!) 

Kate's pink monkey lovie is getting so much love now. When I put it on my shoulder at nap and bedtime, she puts her head down and immediately relaxes. She finds the corners of and sucks on them and yes, this is strange, but it's also so sweet. And the snuggling. She loves to snuggle.

This little girl is LOVING books these days. She's so into the pictures and tried to get her little hands on the books every time we sit down to read. The Pout Pout Fish and Madeline are two of her favorites that really catch her attention right now. Will likes to grab books and read to her, too, starting each one with "once upon a time", in the baby voice he uses only when he talks to Kate. I swear some days they have their own language.

Mark jokes that Kate is the only Unicorn that he knows because she's perfect...and it really is true. She couldn't be a better baby and we are so lucky that she is ours. 

Each day gets sweeter with her and we are enjoying every minute with little miss personality.

We love you, baby girl. Happy nine months, Princess Kate!

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