Monday, September 26, 2016

Kate: 11 Months!

Little Miss just turned 11 months old! I cannot believe that her first birthday is right around the corner. I love her so much that my heart could burst. She is quite the princess around these parts and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

At 11 months, she is weighing in at around 18, give or take a bit, pounds when I hopped onto the scale with her last week. She is still in size 2 diapers and mostly 6 month, and some 6-12 months clothes. 

Her hair is really coming in now an it's still a mystery to me as to how it is so light! I just love her little wisps, especially with a bow.

Kate is definitely finding her voice more and more. She makes new sounds daily and still does this little whistle thing that I can't help but be obsessed with. 


Everything she does is just the cutest. "Dada" is still her favorite word to say and she yells it at the top of her lungs whenever Mark walks in the door. She's been such a mommy's girl but she loooooves her daddy! And she love love love love loooves her big brother!

Pointing is her newest trick! She points at any and everything while making all kinds of sweet baby noises. She's still strong on the head shakes and claps. She also picks up my phone and holds it up to her ear. Ha! 

This little girl LOVES food. There is really nothing she won't eat. She especially loves avocado, berries, any roasted veggies, ricotta with olive oil and her newest favorites, salmon and kalamata olives! 

Kate is definitely on the move and standing and cruising along the furniture more and more. I think I forgot how much time you spend chasing a tiny little human around at this age! She's so curious but definitely not destructive by any means. She likes to crawl into Wrigley's cage and kick her legs up and down, just like another little lovie I know did! She crawls right in and right out. 

Her favorite place to crawl is down the hallway to our bedrooms, where she stops and looks at our gallery wall of family pictures. She points and babbles and gets so excited. I think it's the sweetest thing! 

This little girl has already developed a serious pout. She hates the word no and has perfected the whiny face and it's hilarious. I know it won't be so hilarious when she's a teenager but we're enjoying it now. Oh the drama. HA! 

Will started school last month which means this little girlfriend and I get three mornings a week together! We miss Will while he's at school, but I am loving this one on one time with her. We run errands, hit up story time, play and have added in some morning runs now that the weather is nicer. I so look forward to our mornings together and I know it's good for her, too. 

Oh little Kate Kate, we love you more than you know and we can't wait to celebrate your first birthday next month! 

Happy 11 months, Princess Kate!

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