Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Spiked Spa Water

Apparently #TitosTuesday is a thing and since I meant to post this little cocktail recipe yesterday, let's just pretend it's still Tuesday. 

Summertime happy hours are my favorite. We eat later dinners and spend lots of time outdoors during that chunk of time between afternoon naps and when it's time to start cooking. Around the fire pit on our outdoor patio is my favorite spot to sit. It's so easy to grab a quick glass of wine or an icy cold beer from the beverage fridge, but lately I've been super into this little Tito's concoction. It's light and refreshing and I won't call it "healthy", but it's certainly a cleaner beverage option- and we are loving it. 

Just a little Spindrift, lime/lemon, some mint if you have it and a splash of Tito's- that's it! I've done this with many of the Spindrift flavors, but the cucumber is just the best. Tastes just little spa water...with an upgrade.

Spiked Spa Water

2 oz. Tito's vodka
wedge of fresh lime
Spindrift Cucumber 
Mint leaves, torn and muddled

Start with a wedge of lime and squeeze it into the bottom of your glass. Add mint leaves and muddle them a bit. Pour in 2 oz. of vodka and finish with a pour of Spindrift- more to water it down and less for a stronger drink. Give it a quick stir and add finish with ice and another wedge of lime or lemon. 

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