Monday, June 11, 2018

Loving Lately + Fitness Inspo

Summer is in full swing over here and we are loving these carefree days and a break from the everyday schedule. It's been nice to spend mornings at the pool, eat later dinners and just be outside! (as long as it's not 1000 degrees!) As every season changes there's something I love about each one but really, Summer is my favorite. Also...PEONY SEASON! Freaking out over these gorgeous flowers like everyone else on social media but really, I cannot resist when I see a giant display of them at this tome of year. 

A few things I'm loving lately...

I went back to my beloved Neutrogena for a summertime face and it's like being back with an old friend- the kind you pick right back up where you left off with. It's smooth and light and feels great on my face. I like minimal face makeup in the Summer and this stuff is perfect. The Neutrogena Healthy Face Tinted Moisturizer was my go-to for 10 years and now I'm wondering why I ever switched! I still love the it Cosmetics CC Cream but I think that will be more of a Fall/Winter product for me. 

I have found my new health and nutrition guru and I'm completely on board with this way of eating and structuring my meals. Kelly Leveque is a celebrity health and wellness consultant with all of the right information. She has a science and medical background and truly knows her stuff. Her approach is simple and makes so much sense. Protein, fat, fiber and greens are her "fab four" and the way she explains it in her book couldn't be easier to understand. For a quick intro to her approach with food, I recommend listening to her interview on Rachel Hollis's podcast, Dais from this past April. It's FULL of so much good info. A few friends recommended this specific interview to me and I ordered Kelly's Book, Body Love, immediately after listening. 

My sisters and I started Annie Downs's 100 Days to Brave and it's so good. It's the perfect daily devotional and I love the premise of it all. I read Annie's book Let's All Be Brave a few years ago and re-read it again recently. So much goodness in that book and the devotional is proving to have more of the same. 

Did you know George Clooney has his own brand of Tequila? Well, he does and it's amazing. Casamigos on the rocks with a little lime seltzer and a wedge of lime is EVERYTHING. Get on it! The backstory on this easy drinking stuff is great, too! 

My workout game has been strong lately and I feel like I'm in a good groove. I enjoy exercising and getting sweaty and really working hard. I also enjoy mixing it up and have found over the years that I can't do the same thing every day. Earlier this Spring, I went back to my beloved BBG Guides by Kayla Itsines and 3.5 years later, I'm still convinced that these are some of the best home workouts that you can do. When I track myself with progress doing these workouts and really focus on my eating, I see great results. Bonus points because it's super convenient for busy moms with young kids. I amped up my BBG workouts recently and started adding more running intervals in between. Our home gym makes this easy whether I get up and workout before my kids wakeup, or if I sneak in a naptime sweat sesh. We don't have a treadmill in our garage (yet), but our driveway is fairly long and I'll do 3-5 minute running intervals up and down the driveway. I'm sure my neighbors thing I look like a hamster, but it gets the job done! All this to say- do what works for you and be consistent! Also- you can't outwork a bad diet so really, all of this starts in the kitchen, too. And water. Lots and lots of water- especially in these hot Summer months! 

Make it a wonderful week, everyone!! 

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