Friday, July 24, 2009

Delightfully Crisp!

I have never been a huge pop drinker, however, over the past few years, I have developed a special affinity for Diet Coke. I might even admit that I have become what I would consider a Diet Coke snob. Not so much snobby in a disrespectful and not so classy manner, but if I am going to indulge a little and stray from the healthier beverages of my choice, I want my Diet Coke to be of the highest and most refreshing quality possible.

Since D.C. is such a rare sip for me, I prefer to enjoy it either chilled in a can or if the stars are aligned and all is perfect in the world, from a good old fashioned soda pop fountain. I would proudly like to share with you all (most specifically those of you in Charlotte), that I have found Charlotte's Diet Coke Utopia, and its right around the corner! Subway located on Elm off of Ballantyne Commons Parkway provides what I would consider the most exceptional fountain D.C. I have ever tasted. The ratio of carbonation to syrup is 100% perfection providing the perfect crisp taste that serves as a nice beverage to accompany lunch or just to enjoy solely on its own as an afternoon pick me up. On my last trip there with Sara, I didn't even order a sub but went strictly for the D.C. I then proceeded to tell the nice young man working that their D.C. is perfection in a cup and literally flawless. He chuckled at me, which was no surprise.

All of you Diet Coke lovers just trust me and treat yourselves.

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