Monday, July 13, 2009

I could give up chocolate, but I'm not a quitter!

I am a self proclaimed choc-o-holic. I could eat chocolate in mass quantities, all day, every day, with every meal but alas, this does not belong in the "healthy Nina lifestyle" that I have worked so hard to tweak and maintain. Nothing makes my tastebuds happier than a good piece of chocolate so why would I deprive myself of this luscious treat that I fall more in love with every day?

Over the past few years as I have refined my palate and learved to savor the flavors, I have discovered that a small piece of chocolate each day can go a long way. My daily chocolate fix is taken care of at approximately 1:00pm every day after the girls and I enjoy our lunches. I come back to my desk, make a cup of tea and have a small piece of chocolate to get me through the last half of a hectic workday. Every few weeks I pick up a new kind of chocolate to keep this time of my day interesting and eventful. I have tried everything from chocolate spiced with chili pepper, to 80% intense cacao chocolate to the simple bags of individually wrapped Dove Promises with a small inspirational quote found on the inside wrapper (often times mine read "Go ahead, have another", which in this case, I consider it permission for me to forget my health obsessed ways and I will then have a second!) If you are ever looking for chocolate with notes of fruit and hints of espresso, Dean & Deluca has a delightful assortment of chocolates from South America and Africa that are sure to make your tastebuds tingle. Dark chocolate is actually considered a "super food" and contains antioxidants and agents that keep your cardiovascular system in check and your blood pressure at a low level. If that isn't a reason to indulge I don't know what else is!

My most recent chocolate find is an enchanting Intense Dark bar from Ghiradelli called Evening Dream; "The luxuriously deep and velvety 60% cacao dark chocolate in Ghiradelli Evening Dream is infused with a hint of Madagascan vanilla delivering the perfect chocolate intensity. Experience a moment of timeless pleasure as the intense chocolate lingers and time stands still".

Who comes up with this stuff and what kind of education background do you have to have to be a writer on chocolate!? I would love to know who writes these little descriptions that personify chocolate in a way that makes you feel like it will change your world and solve all impending problems in life. I do know that these biographies on chocolate are written for the chocolate lovers like myself who just can't seem to get enough. And just when you thought that was wonderful, below is a description of the tasting notes:

"Impeccably matched 60% cacao, smooth dark chocolate is blended with prized Madagascan vanilla, specifically sourced to complement the distinctive chocolate. The light, floral notes of the vanuilla enhance the vibrancy of the creamy dark chocolate, mellowing the flavors and creating exquisite harmony"

One little piece might not cut it today.

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