Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Feeling a little fruity

While browsing through the August issue of Cosmopolitan, I came across some highly benefical information that I must share immediately! Fruit is a daily staple in the Nina diet but how did I not know all of these additional helth benefits of my favorite fresh friends? This news has not only made my day but given me more reason to stock up on all things fresh and wonderful while making my weekly trip to the grocery store, especially during the summer when everything is nice and juicy!

  • You probably already know that strawberries contain a plethora of Vitamin C but did you know that these red beauties also contribute to firmer skin? The Vitamin C helps produce the natural collagen found in one's skin. (Strawberries-my most favorite of all fruits, are a wonderful mid-morning snack but I also love them in my morning protein shakes that I have been enjoying for breakfast!)

  • Not only are blueberries a premium source of antioxidants but they also help create a glowing summer complexion. They are loaded with Vitamin E and help mousturize your face! (I love these berries atop a perfect cup of Greek yogurt and a friendly drizzle of honey)

  • Feeling peachy? Peaches pack in lots of Vitamin A and help in cell production while also helping to reduce that extra damage your skin is getting in the sun during the summer months. (For a homemade beauty potion, try this recipe, also from Cosmopolitan's August 2009 issue: Puree 2 pitted peaches and mix with one tablespoon of olive oil and add in brown sugar, Stir up all ingredients in a bowl and create a paste like concoction to make a fresh facial scrub)

  • This might be the most interesting tidbit I discovered in my reading; rub a fresh tomatoe all over your face to reduce redness and scare away breakouts! Also loaded with Vitamin C and lycopene, tomatoes should make their way into your diet as well. (for one of my most favorite of all food marriages ever created, slice fresh tomatoes and alternate with slices of fresh mozzarella. Top with basil leaves (preferably from a garden). Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and ground pepper to taste. Pure flavors of Italy right here. It doesn't get much better than this)


  1. I saw the thing about the tomatoes on the face, and I'm totally going to try it. Dr. Oz was on Oprah talking about the benefits of lycopene (found in tomatoes) for the skin to protect from sun damage and wrinkles. These are such great tips!

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  3. This is great info. to know since summer fruit is out in all its glory! I especially love peaches.