Monday, July 20, 2009

Raindrops on Roses

It has always been funny to me to sit back and watch as God places special individuals in my life at what always seems to be the most appropriate of times. I truly believe that each person that walks into my life is there for a purpose and will somehow impact my journey and will lift me higher and make me a stronger person than I was before I met them. Additionally, it is my sincere hope t hat I can do the same for those around me. I know that this post is veering away from food a bit but I promise, there are some tasty elements to be included for your enjoymentOn Thursday night, some of my favorite girls (Laura, Mary Katherine & Kealy) and I hosted a girls night sleepover for Sara to celebrate her last single days before she becomes Mrs. Chidester! (side note: for some reason, sleepovers will forever remind me of The Sound of Music when Maria and the children sing "My Favorite Things" as they sing and dance on the bed together in their pajamas while it thunderstorms outside) We had a mini Mexican fiesta and set up a huge taco spread including all the elements to make a perfect chicken taco. Laura made cupcakes so my "no dessert week challenge" went to shambles and I enjoyed not one, but two! Wine spritzers were enjoyed by all (as we talked in the third person and played truth or dare!)

Who said sleepovers were just for 12 year olds? I love these girls more than anything and I am so blessed to have them in my life. Others may think we are crazy but to us, it all makes perfect sense. I don't know what I would do without all of you beautiful ladies in my life. Here's to tea time, sugar plums, pinging, pretzels and hummus, clacking, snuggling, liking and loving, singing (and dancing) in our cubes, talking in the third person, 1:00pm after lunch dark chocolate, never have I ever-ing, and celebrating the most gorgeous bride to be! Can't wait until August 29th!



  1. what a lovely thing to do, nice blog you have will follow I live in Winston Salem, Love Charlotte you have great restaurants and adore South Park!


  2. I love it! I have to say those cupcakes were delicious! I can't wait to have our next girl's night! :)