Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Comfy Cozy

One of my favorite delights in life is putting on something comfortable, making a cup of tea and snuggling in for the night with a good book (while wearing my glasses of course). I know I sound like the biggest nerd in the history of nerds, but this cozy combo makes my soul smile. Yogi tea has a special spot in my pantry and the ginger herbal is my favorite for nighttime as a little agent to calm my energetic self and wind down. Ginger is also considered a "universal medicine" and supports healthy digestion. it is also known to "regain balance and harmony" in our systems.

My BFF, MOD, is my soul sister who fully appreciates the comfy cozy things would be the perfect person to have by my side right now as I end my day and get ready to drift off to dreamland and visions of sugar plums. Naturally, as I sip on my tea tonight, I wish I could wave a magic wand and have MOD disappear from DC and appear in my little Charlotte apartment I sent her a sweet text message and here are the precious words I got in return (looks like we were on the exact same page tonight!) :

"I"m in my little comfy clothes too reading for book club! Wouldn't it be so nice to just be in the same room reading!? Miss you xoxo love love love you!"

Buona Notte!


  1. oh I am with you on the cup of tea thing but of course i am British comes with the territory!

  2. ah! i love being featured on a post! i think i may have to catch an e-saver just for a snuggle fest! matching pj shorts already packed! xoxo