Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cupcakes, Wine Spritzers, Best Friends and A Magical Bakery Sprinkled with Pixie Dust

What would we all do in life without a small space of enchantment to turn to? Nothing fancy or high maintenance, but a mere space once can take themselves to to refresh, rejuvinate and leave feeling better, happier and sprinkled with that extra bit of pixie dust. My weekend was exactly what I needed and I could not have planned it any more perfectly. (the only thing that could have been improved was that of the final score of the AppState/ECU game but alas, we have a whole season ahead of us so I am still hoping for the best)

I made my way to Greensboro on Saturday afternoon to meet up with two of my very best friends- my DC Princess Meghan O'D (most lovingly known as MOD) and the newly engaged Lo! These girls have been in my life since my migration to the south in 1997 and since then, have been by my side to make my life a happy one. We spent time catching up, flipping through wedding magazines while staring at Lo's bling, enjoying a fun girls dinner and my favorite memory of the weekend, searching for the perfect cupcake in Greensboro.

Little Laura T frequents the 'Boro for weekend visits with her Canadian beau and has been raving about this quaint bakery ever since she discovered it. After dinner on Saturday night, the girls and I drove around on a crazy cupcake chase to find this infamous establishment. Driving down Battleground Avenue, we looked left and right and this place was nowhere in sight! Some twinkle lights (of course, the yuletide freak in me starts thinking Christmas thoughts at this point) soon caught my eye and my heart skipped a beat...we finally found it and Lo swerved her car into the parking lot as MOD and I shrieked as our sweet teeth could not even prepare ourselves for what we were about to experience. We could barely get out of the car before MOD started snapping pictures of what appeared to be bakery heaven. Poor Lo said we were embarassing her but she loves us so much that she allowed us to continue in giddy merriment! Upon walking into Maxie B's, I could not help but think that this place was like a freshly baked dream come true! The decor was truly enchanting and every little space was occupied by something unique. The smell that filled the bakery was just exquisite. Dark brown and white accents reminded me of cookies and cream and the eclectic crystal chandeliers provided such a dainty touch. MOD even noted the little "love hut", or so she called it, which was a nook enclosed in a cozy space with a table for friends to sit as they enjoy their dessert delight of choice. Feathers were dispersed throughout the decorations and created a warm fluffy feeling of floating on a dessert cloud in some sort of sweet dreamland. Be still my heart.

The dessert counter was filled with decadent cakes and the case housed a plethora of cupcakes that literally made my eyes twinkle! Homemade frozen yogurt was also on the menu (pumpkin included!) and unique dessert bars, cookies and creative sweets made an appearance as well. Since cupcakes really are one of the world's most perfectly proportioned desserts, each of us chose a favorite to take home. (a picture of our little cakes can be found on my sidebar of documented deliciousness) As fall is upon us and since I am a huge proponent of pumpkin spice and seasonal flavors, I thought it most appropriate and Nina-ish to pick up a pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake with cream cheese frosting. This small individual sized masterpiece tasted as if it had been kissed by pumpkin spice angels and I could not have eaten it any slower. The last bite is always a bit sad but my tastebuds were so lucky to be graced with the wonderment that this cupcake added to my Saturday night with the girls. I don't question myself saying that I would make a trip from Charlotte to Greensboro just to have some dessert from Maxie B''s that good. The company wasn't so bad either and I could have not asked for better time with my girls.

Additionally, more details about the Greensboro magic and all good things in general, can be found at the newest blog on the block! MOD has taken the plunge and started her very own corner of cheer on the world wide web and I could not be more thrilled. She loves the little things in life as much as I do and I cannot wait to see what her blog has in store. We decided earlier today that taking the time to write and appreciate the little things in life make the hard days seem not so tough while also making it second nature to enjoy daily life and pick out the little pieces of magic that add smiles and sprinkles to your day.

Happy blogging and much love to MOD and thanks to Lo for hosting a perfect 24 hours!


  1. Love it, love it, love it! Great weekend! I'll think of you next time I take a trip to Maxie B's :) haha.

  2. OMG. You found my heaven on earth.. LOOOOVE MAXIE B'S!!! xoxo