Friday, July 2, 2010

BIG (as in 6 Quarts) Time

My kitchen dreams have come true! Last weekend at my bridal shower, our dear family friends, the Baileys, surprised me with my dream registry item...a Kitchen Aid Mixer! I have been bursting at the seams since Saturday and yesterday, the 6 Quart Pearl Nickel mixer arrived on my doorstep. I could hear the kitchen angel choirs singing (and mixing and whisking) when I opened the box to find my shiny new best friend. Oh what a happy day! My mind is going crazy with all of the things I am going to make with this beauty. I don't know how this item became known as the "must have kitchen dream piece" but I knew our kitchen needed one and I can't believe I have one to love of my very own. It is sure to mix up a whole lot of delight in our new Midwest Nest and any other kitchens that we call our own. MM thinks that I am crazy and says that I think I am "big time" now that I have this breathtaking addition to our kitchen. I just told him that it makes me legit.
"The overachiever of the stand mixer family, it has a Flour Power Rating of 14 cups. That means it can mix enough dough for 8 loaves of bread or 13 dozen cookies in a single bowl. All you have to do is hope they're hungry." Photo and specs via {here}

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