Friday, July 16, 2010

The Muffinship

Exactly three years ago today, I walked into my very first grown up job, right out of college. I always say that God puts us in the perfect situations at the perfect time...and knows exactly what He is doing when He does it. Yes, this stint in what is otherwise known as the "Boys' Club" (vrooom vrooom....hello NASCAR) gave me wonderful work experience and a jumpstart in the event planning industry, but I believe that the real reason I ended up at MMI was far beyond building my resume. Little did I know that I would be blessed with a sweet lifelong friendship that makes my heart glow. My life would never be the same without this little piece of spun sugar spice that I call my Muffin! I love you sweet thing. Thank you for every little thing. Yes, this includes answering your phone at 1:00am among everything else that I will not post to the public, because, well, just because we don't judge, doesn't mean others will do the same. I know that Miss Mary and Aunt Theresa sprinkled the pixie dust 3 years ago...this friendship was fate!

Peace. Love. Muffins.


  1. I love you like all things sweet and spun with sugar and spice! You truly are the spice of my life!!! I love you sweet muffiN!

  2. YAY i can't wait to see both of you LABOR DAY WEEKEND!