Tuesday, July 20, 2010

La La Land

I have been living in la la land for the past 8 months and could not be happier! Our wedding is 46 days away and the huge smiles plastered on our faces are stuck for a lifetime. My sweet blog has sadly taken a backseat but have no fear! I have full intentions to be back in the kitchen, pretending to be Giada once MM and I get settled in and back from our wonderful wedding festivities and honeymoon in early September. My kitchen is increasingly becoming the best stocked kitchen and I have filed away enough recipes and ideas to last us at least through my favorite time of year! (insert jingle bells here)

{practicing for the big day!}

Pre-wedding celebrations are in full gear for the soon to be Moore's and it seems as though there is a festive morsel to look forward to each day from now until September 4th! I have yet to post about my wonderful girls bridal shower. Some dear family friends threw a fantastic "Stock the Bar" themed party for us this past weekend and we could not have had more fun. I am trying to track down pictures of the food because the spread was amazing and looked like something out of Food & Wine magazine. A local restaurant and catering company, Carpe Diem, wow-ed everyone's tastebuds witht he ecclectic mix of flavors. Dainty fresh summer rolls were served with a spicy asian inspired sauce alongside wonderfully flavorful beef and pineapple skewers! Roasted chicken breasts were coated in a pesto like marinade and a mixed greens salad featured fresh corn tomatoes and blue cheese with a perfect vinaigrette! The corn fritters were the talk of the night and I am mad that i didn't eat more than two! I am still dreaming about that food and the delicious strawberries and cream cake that MM and I got to cut in preparation for the big day!
{our wonderful party hosts, Mary & Kelly!}

We are so blessed to have so much love surrounding us during this blissful time in our lives!


  1. aww yay! cant wait to see wedding pics!

  2. AH so cute! I love all the pictures and I can't wait to BE THERE! OMG!

  3. OHHH man!!! I can't wait sweet muffin of my life!