Monday, April 3, 2017

#EatMooreDinner, Vol. 5

(turkey taco salad bowl- one of our favorite easy weeknight staples!)

Popping in on this rainy menu to share our menu for the week. I was feeling totally uninspired yesterday as I made our meal plan and wrote out my grocery list but I rallied and came up with some yummy dinners. This week is looking excellent!

"Popping in" by the way...this is totally little term my mom always uses and now that I'm using it, I'm laughing to myself.

Mark is running a half marathon on Saturday here in Charlotte so on Friday night we will be carb loading- I'm thinking a favorite pizza or pasta and perhaps we will go out as a pre celebration. 

Here's what's on our menu this week:

Whole 30 Chicken Picatta + Zoodles

Lemon Garlic Salmon + Roasted Cauliflower, Chick Pea and Kale Salad

Chicken Avocado Salad with Peanut Dressing (I'm MOST EXCITED about this one)

Butternut Sausage Bake with Kale + Tomato Cream

Grilled Skirt Steak, Avocado Chimichurri, Roasted Potatoes + Kale Salad 

Oven Fajita Quinoa Bowls

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