Wednesday, January 4, 2012

All That Twinkled

The Christmas season seems to come and go too quickly. Or maybe I am just getting old. In my usual style, I enjoyed every morsel of Christmas cheer to the fullest! And then some. I don't like to rush through the holiday, and I savor all of my favorite things. In fact, our tree is still up and the lights are still twinkling. Growing up, our family tree stayed up through the 12th day of Christmas and I'm continuing the tradition in our home. Our holiday season was filled with lots of love, wonderful visits with our families and new memories together as we celebrated our second Christmas together as Mr. and Mrs.!

In a surprise inspired by my favorite Folger's commercial from yesteryear, I appeared in Charlotte a few days earlier than my family expected. Special thanks to my sweet husband for suggesting I spend a little extra time in Charlotte, and to my little sister Natalie, my blonde Sister Sophie and my little Elfin nephew, Jack for conducting a top secret airport pick-up. "Operation Peter" was a success. (I have to find a way to get the video that Nat recorded on my blog. Oh yes! We have video documentation to give Folger's a run for their money).

I surprised everyone (except Nat who kept her lips sealed) and enjoyed a few extra days of uninterrupted time with my sisters and parents all under one roof! There is nothing quite like it. And no explanation for these pictures. Extra dirty martinis and steamers anyone?

Have I ever mentioned we all plan our time according to what we want to eat? Peppermint chocolate chip milkshakes from Chick-Fil-A were a non negotiable treat. I only wish I could have gotten the ordering process on video. God bless the sweet 15 year old working in the drive thru.

Mark and I enjoyed Christmas eve with his sister, brother-in-law and 4 of our sweet nieces and nephews in Columbia. We even got to go outside the kids' windows with bells and play Santa!

Before going tucking in for the night, we drank peppermint hot chocolate and left out cookies for Santa.

Santa came!

Christmas day at the Nido house was magical, as usual.

How bromantic!


Annual sister photo shoot in front of the tree!

Santa Bears! 1985, 1987 and 1992 editions, respectively.

The food. Oh, the food. (plenty of cocktails, too!)

Homemade pasta is a post-Christmas meal must! Thanks, Andi!

The perfect way to top off the magic? Ringing in the New Year with our dear friends who came to visit, Meghan and Scott! (just wait until I post our New Year's Eve 2011 menu! TO. DIE. FOR.)

Wishing everyone much peace, love and joy in 2012!