Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winesday, Volume 1

(I cannot take credit for this blog post title. Thank you to The Today Show's ten o' clock hour, a.k.a. Hoda & Kathie Lee)

I'm enjoying some girl time tonight and this bottle of Pinot is too amazing not to share.

I first picked up this bottle from the Fresh Market because the three monkeys on the label were too appropriate! And at a $5.99 price point I couldn't turn it down. Pinot Evil is now one of my favorite weeknight wines.

"...Pinot Evil dances with a lovely ripe cherry nose that cascades into a smooth, velvet finish. Enjoy it with roasted duck, rosemary-garlic pork or with friends when you just monkey around".

Speaking of weeknight wines, Sophie (my blonde sister) and I have been working on a list of our favorite weeknight wines, all $10.00 and under. Some of the very best wines are also very budget friendly. Check back next Wednesday for our list of favorites.

Another thought for this Wednesday evening- I would like access to Jennifer Lopez's lipstick collection.

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