Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Comfy Winter Staples

It just keeps getting colder (and colder and colder and colder) in these parts! I lived in Charlotte for over half of my life and even though I consider myself a Southerner, I am no stranger to cold weather. I spent the first twelve years of my life in Michigan and went to college in the snowy mountains of North Carolina so you would think that winter would be easy peasy for me. Not so much.

Winter in Illinois is a whole different ballgame. I will spare you the chilly details but you know, when the land is so flat and there is nowhere for the wind to go but straight in your face, leaving the house is often a challenge.

I have an abundance of clothes in my closet but during the winter, I like to stick to my cozy staples. Since I work from home, my daily uniform is some form of what you see above. Layering is key and my North Face puffer jacket is a must when I venture out of the house. I discovered the Mossimo Ponte Seam Leggings from Target back in the fall and I'm in deep love. They are thicker than a normal legging and look a bit more polished. I have three pairs of these pants because I love them that much! I like to pair these pants with basic, blousy tees and long cardigans. You can never have enough of either of these items in your closet! And since it's the sloppy, slushy time of year, I never leave my house without my Hunter Boots. I live in them all winter long. They are practical, cute and I may have even seen a photo of Duchess Kate sporting the same pair. I like to finish it off with a printed scarf for a pop of color and I'm good to go!

Stay warm, friends!

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