Thursday, June 7, 2012

Arugula with Roasted Mushrooms, Apples, Crispy Prosciutto + Truffle Vinaigrette

This salad is the result of re-creating something we enjoyed at one of our favorite Windy City spots, The Purple Pig. Their menu is always fresh and ever-changing. I'm glad that we hit up the pig when a salad similar to this one was featured on their Spring menu.

One of my favorite things to do after I devour something delicious at a restaurant is to try and create my own version at home. It's a good challenge and a great way dive in and develop your own recipes. Whenever I'm in a meal planning slump, or am looking for something different, I always turn to the menus from some of our favorite restaurants. This is a great way to inspire your cooking!

Roasted mushrooms and crisp apples sound like a strange food pairing but when mixed with peppery arugula and tossed with a truffle vinaigrette, it all just clicks. A salad that one would expect to be sweet is actually more savory and the mushrooms and truffle oil give way to an earthy symphony of flavors. Hints of crispy prosciutto and sweet Fuji apple round it all out, making each bite perfect.

Arugula with Roasted Mushrooms, Apples, Crispy Prosciutto + Truffle Vinaigrette

Recipe inspired by The Purple Pig

Fresh Arugula
1 cup mushrooms, diced
1 small Fuji apple, diced
1 slice prosciutto
Good olive oil

In a skillet, add a quick pour of olive oil. When the oil is heated, add mushrooms. Season with pepper and pan roast for 4-5 minutes, until mushrooms are soft and fragrant. Remove and set aside.

In the same pan, cook and crisp up prosciutto, about 2 minutes on each side. Prosciutto should be crispy.

Mix Arugula, mushrooms, and diced apple together. Crumble crispy prosciutto on top and toss with Truffle vinaigrette. (recipe below)

Truffle Vinaigrette

2 Tbsp. black truffle oil
2 Tbsp. red wine or champagne vinegar
Salt + pepper to season

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