Monday, June 18, 2012

Newest Essie Love: Good to Go!

I vlogged about this Essie product HERE, but I just need to re-iterate, again, how great this top coat is. Another essie love product for the win!

If you are like me, and skip weekly manicures in favor of J. Crew orders and extra deniro in the grocery budget, you must pick up this stuff immediately. At $10 a bottle, I think Good to Go! is worth every penny. Not only does it leave a shiny coat to finish off freshly painted nails and provide no chip protection, but within 15-20 minutes of painting my nails, I can go digging in my purse! 

Does $10 seem a little steep for this bottle of magic? Sign up for Ulta coupons to save $3.50 on your purchase of $10.00 or more! This week I'm wearing my all-time favorite, Ballet Slippers.


  1. I haven't tried essie but have been wanting to. I've been a fan of OPI for years. That light pink is really pretty. Emily from the bach tweeted about the color fiji that also is a light pink and looked really pretty. Definitely going to pick up that top coat!

  2. My fave as well , of course becuase of your recommendation! :) Glad you got me on the essie train, and of course my very own ballet slippers! :)

  3. Forgot to tell you at lunch today, but I totally bought this topcoat and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!