Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stop and Smell the Roses: Vol. 11

Stop and Smell the Roses

Oh how I have missed Mandy's link up! This moving this is no simple task. Make that a move from basically one end of the country to the other and it's a little bit like a jigsaw puzzle that has to be carefully put together. When we were not packing, we were house hunting and when weren't house hunting, we would hop in the car, drive 13 hours back to Charlotte, and house hunt some more. Because? Well...HGTV's House Hunters is a far cry from the truth. I'm still in the middle of a boycott. 

 thanks to our fantastic realtor we BOUGHT A HOUSE and we close on our little Charlotte gem in August. In the meantime, we are thankful for family (ahem...Hi, Mom & Dad!) and a place to rest our heads in the transition period because as soon as we clean up our house this morning and tie up loose ends here in Bloomington, we are headed to Charlotte today! Meep!

I was in need of a break from packing last week and a fun lunch date was to my rescue! I actually still can't believe it really happened. On Friday, I met Jen (
A Daily Dose of Davis) in a "small random town between our two house" for a delightful lunch! Jen and I met through Mandy's link up and have been friends ever since. I was practically in tears as we finally met in person and we had the best afternoon together. I think we laughed the entire time- long lost friends for sure! We only wish we would have gotten together sooner while we live in the same state. I know the perfect cure to that though- Girls Weekend!

Of course we had to film a vlog for all of our Stop and Smell the Roses girls...ENJOY!

I'm so thankful for blogland and all of the friends that I have made through it. 

Don't forget to take a moment and find a reason to smile this wek, too. Better yet, film a vlog about it LINK UP WITH MY FRIEND
MANDY! Next week, I'll be vlogging from Charlotte! Love to you all!


  1. How cute are you two?! Glad you got to meet up! I agree we all need to meetup in the future. And Nina so glad you found a house!

  2. THis video makes me laugh SO HARD!!!! It also makes me want another lunch date with you!!! Let's get this girls tripped planned ASAP!!! Glad you guys are all packed up. Have a SAFE drive today!!!! xoxo

  3. OMG! I love this! I had no idea you two actually filmed something while you were together. I was hoping...but I didn't know for sure! You guys are too cute and I am totally jealous that you met up! Girls weekend for sure!

  4. Love this! How fun! Yes, definitely in agreement we should all meet up! Many moving blessings on you!!!

  5. I love this so much!! Good luck with your move!! And someone needs to get to planning this girls' weekend because I totally want in!! :)

  6. Awww, Petal, I heart his more than words. So glad you two beauties got to meet up! Girls weekend! YES! I'm so excited I can barely stand it!

    I love your adorable Charlotte gem and I can't wait for you to move in and send me pictures of your little love nest <3 I'm in the process of packing my life away to move all the way across the damn WORLD so I totally know what it's like. Super stressful and exhausting! But in a few weeks I'll be vlogging from VERMONT! Which is even closer to you ;) YAY!

    Loved your vlog and sending you lots of positive thoughts for the move today! :) xoxo

  7. You two ladies... LOVE. Ahhhhhh :) So glad you had a good little lunch date! Praying moving is going smoothly Nina! Lots of love :) Xo

  8. Love it! Good luck with your move. Can't wait to see your vlog next week from NC!

  9. So I am just now getting around to watching this, but I know you will totally forgive me since, you know, 2 weeks until the wedding. Anyways, I think the girls thing would be so much fun. I hope everything in Charlotte is going well for you. We might be going through there sometime in the near future on our way to a civil war re-enactment. Maybe December when we go to Fredricksburg VA. I just google mapped it and we will have to go right through Charlotte. I will let you know closer to time.