Friday, February 24, 2012

Home Office Details

As many of you know, I started a new job in Social Media in the fall and I have been (mostly) working from home since October. When I accepted the position, I had a little office space set up in one of our extra bedrooms, but it was nothing with personality or anything that really kept me motivated or gave me the desire to be productive for that matter. The unorganized space needed to go and the room that was being used more for storage purposes than an office required some tlc. Working with what I had, I quickly transformed the room to a workable home office in about a week. After rearranging some pieces, adding framed wedding photos on the wall, crisp white curtains, and a few fun projects, I created a fresh, feminine home office that is a happy "Nina space" to work in.

Welcome to my little room.

My desk belonged to my mom when she was young and I am in love with it! It's hard to tell in pictures but it's an antique green. When I moved it into my Charlotte apartment, we switched the knobs out with some new glass ones from Restoration Hardware.

I painted the canvases hanging on the wall above the desk and I'm so happy with the way that they turned out. I originally wanted to create a gallery wall but in a whim, I changed my mind and painted these little babies. The pewter/gold accent paint I used for the quatrefoil and monogram adds a touch of girly glam that I adore. The template I used for the quatrefoil pattern can be found here. (Thanks to Meredith and Jennifer for inspiring me) The damask stencil used on the middle canvas was purchased at Hobby Lobby and I hand painted my monogram.

Any excuse to hang wedding photos is fine with me. I picked two of my favorites taken downtown Charlotte highlighting pops of pink from my shoes and Mark's socks. They are hanging on the right side of the window I smile every time I look at these.

Flowers are about as feminine as you can get when decorating and I really wanted to incorporate this great photo of my wedding bouquet with our rings nestled in a rose. This is a floating shelf on the left side of the window.

A reading corner sometimes ends up being where I work if I want to kick my feet up. This is where I often blog. I've had this Pier One wicker chair and ottoman set for years. It might get repainted in the near future but it works for now.

On the wall opposite from my desk, I have a white shelving unit with 9 cubes and a few pull-out canvas drawers holding things like stationery, office supplies, and other essential trinkets. I also have a few of my favorite books styled and sitting out.

Above the shelving unit is this mirror I picked up at Home Goods several years ago for $20. Mirrors seem to open up a room and I love the texture and design of this mirror's frame.

This mirror is also where I inadvertently started putting on my mascara and lipstick. I do all of my makeup in my bathroom but for some reason, I wander into my office for the finishing touches. I think it's the lighting and being able to shove my face right in front of the mirror! Sophie sent me some treats about a month ago and these sterling silver footed dishes were in my package of happies. I finally found the perfect use for them. Welcome to my lipstick station!

And since I believe in saving the best for last, meet my ruffled lamp! It very well might be my favorite piece in the room! Believe me when I say that this lampshade is covered in coffee filters! It's a genius idea, really. I found this tutorial and became obsessed with having one of these in my home. My little office was the perfect spot. I re-covered an old lampshade and spray painted the base with light ivory Krylon spray paint.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Your office is adorable, I love the lipstick/mascara station! I'm a new follower, I'm curious what your job is. I'll have to go back and read when I get a minute. :)

  2. LOVE your office! Everything is so cute! I love the themes you have going on! Reminds me of our bedroom. The frames with wedding pics-love! And the Keep Calm pillow, and the homemade artwork, and the lampshade! I think the lampshade would look perfect on the lamp near my husband's side of the bed, will have to check this out!

  3. It's so cute, Nina! I love those canvases.. very cute space to work!

  4. This is absolutely fantastic - you have the greatest taste! What a wonderful place to get your work done. Perhaps my boss at work will let me do some re-decorating when I return from maternity leave...??? :-) Love it!

    1. Sarah you are so sweet! I hope that you, D and Miss Lilly are doing well! I love reading your blog updates :)

  5. Such a sweet office space! That lamp is especially impressive. Currently, we only have two bedrooms, so Nick's "office" is set up in the corner of our bedroom. Oh, how we both long for the day when we have a dedicated space to work.

  6. I ADORE this room!! SO adorable - it makes me want to redo my own!!

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