Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winesday, Volume 2

As promised last week, I'm back with some treats for my fellow wine lovers. Sophie and I have been working on this list for a little over a week now, narrowing down our favorite sips. All of these bottles can be found for $10 and under. It's always good to pay attention to the sale cycles in your local stores and markets. Some of the wines on this list price at well below the $10 mark when featured as a special for the week. Sophie loves to buy her wine at Trader Joe's and since my little town does not have a Joe's, I pick up my wine at my local grocery store, which happens to have a huge selection. I just discovered that my Fresh Market does a Two for Tuesday on a featured wine of the week! $12 for two bottles and it forces me to pick up something I might not normally buy. Wine shops like Total Wine also do similar weekly programs.

Our list is mostly red, with a little bit of white splashed in for variety. Keep in mind these prices are what we pay at our local stores. Layer Cake and The Velvet Devil are about $5 over the weeknight wine budget but if you keep your eyes peeled, these bottles can often be found for around $10. We are not winemakers a la our current Monday night Bachelor, Ben Flajnik, nor do we consider our palettes that of sophisticated sommeliers, but we do know a good bottle of wine when we sip one.

These are the list of (stemless on weekdays) glasses that we enjoy while cooking dinner and unwinding from the day. Oh, and watching Reality TV.

Nina & Sophie's Weeknight Wines List

Lagranja Temparnillo $3.99
Sugar Pie North Coast $5.99
Spiral Wines Cabernet $5.99
Apothic Red $9.99
Cupcake Red Velvet and Pinot Grigio $8.99
Pinot Evil Pinot Noir $6.99
The Naked Grape Cabernet, Merlot, and Pinot Grigio $6.99
Ravenswood Vitner’s Blend $7.99
Middle Sister Wines $9.99
Layer Cake Shiraz $14.99
The Velvet Devil Merlot $14.99

A final note from my blonde sister:

"Wine advice- Dont be scared to try new things and dont be scared to fail bc at $5-6 a bottle, who cares! You might find one that you really like!"



  1. I love Cupcake Wines their Sauvignon Blanc is my favorite! I have not tried any of the other brands on this list. Copying them down for my weekly shopping trip tomorrow to see what I can find at my store becauase who doesn't love good cheap wine!!

    1. Erin- The first three wines are from Trader Joe's. Apothic Red, Velvet Devil, and Middle Sister can all be found at Target believe it or not! The Naked Grape, Ravenswood, and Pinot Evil I can always find at my grocery store. My parents have been to the Ravenswood Winery! They have some more expensive bottles if you want to treat yourself! Layer Cake I have only see at the Fresh Market and my local wine shop.

  2. Thanks for sharing Nina! I too am copying this down. We just tried The Naked Grape's Pinot Noir and it was amazing! Will definitely have to try some of the others!

    1. Naked Grape is my favorite right now! I hope you like some of the others :) Trader Joe's is always a great place to find good wines that aren't too pricey :)

  3. We just tried The Naked Grape's Pinot Noir and it was amazing! Will definitely have to try some of the others!
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