Friday, April 27, 2012

I Pink Puffy Heart Essie Nail Polish

I have a thing for painted nails. I always feel a little more put together when my nails have been painted, even if just a nice sheer neutral. essie nail polish is by far my favorite. I purchased my first bottle several years ago and it's all I buy now. After I shared a new color in my vlog last week, I received several comments and e-mails regarding essie polishes such as where to buy and why I loved it so much. Since this is one of the little things in life I get excited about, I thought I would whip up a quick post with my favorite essie colors.

I do not get my nails done regularly. I prefer to spend my money elsewhere and I actually enjoy doing them myself. With a good base coat, top coat and high quality polish, you can have perfectly manicured nails all the time! essie polishes have some of the most beautiful colors. It's a quality product and since I have fairly tiny nail beds, the smaller brush is the perfect size and creates an even coat. Using a base, color and then a top coat, my nails will usually stay nice and neat for a week! (even through cooking dinners every night, cleaning, DIY-ing, etc.) I also have to admit that my little OCD heart loves the way these bottles line up so nicely together.

Here's the roundup of my favorite essie colors on constant rotation:

My favorite nail polish of ALL TIME. As in, if I was forced to wear only one color the rest of my life. Well, this would be it. It's the perfect lady-like milky neutral with a slight kiss of pink. 

The perfect peachy coral for summer. Looks especially lovely on tanned feet!

A deep, dark, chocolatey berry that I wear often throughout the Fall.

My newest Essie love. The perfect fun, punchy, slightly neon color for Summer.

The quintessential warm red with orangey tones. An easy second favorite!

A super feminine lilac-y pink that screams everything we girls love about Spring.

When clear just won't do but you want a little sheer shine with the tiniest hint of pink.

This is for juicy, berry-kissed nails and is perfect all year round. (Thanks, Ashley for this one!!)

For a base and top coat, I really like essie's 3-Way Glaze. I apply a base coat, two coats of color and then a final top coat. The 3-Way Glaze ensures you several days of shiny, no-chips nails! If you are in a pinch, Ulta makes a good quick drying top coat that I also use from time to time.

I typically purchase essie polishes at Ulta or Target. They have a great selection of colors. If you haven't already, sign up for Ulta coupons by e-mail and mail. Never make a trip to Ulta without their little $3.50 off coupons in hand! Additionally, if you are looking for a particular color, check Amazon (all linked above), as sometimes the stores don't always have what you're looking for. 

Happy nail painting!


  1. I do recall painting my toes soul mate last time I was there! Now I'm daydreaming of our twirling time together! :)

  2. Peach Daiquiri is my all time favorite Essie color. I take it off and put it back on, it's like an addiction!

    Super pumped for you to mention the 3 way glaze though, I have been searching for a good top/ base coat!! Will definitely try it!

  3. I looooove essie too and you know what my favorite one is... BALLET SLIPPERS thanks to my lovie for fulfilling all my essie nail polish dreams. Now to score more cubes on amazon.


  4. Hey there! New follower here. I love this post, and can't wait for more! I'm obsessed with painting my nails, but I've yet to try Essie. Definitely signed up for those Ulta emails! Thanks!

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