Friday, April 13, 2012

T.G.I.F.F. (Thank God I Found Firefly)

At the Moore casa, Fridays are usually less about sipping on a nice glass of red while I cook and more about cranking up the music and enjoying an early happy hour consisting of something a little more celebratory.

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka is a staple in the South and up until recently, there was not a bottle to be found as I searched every corner of our little Midwestern college town. When I finally found it, I ran to the register, sweet tea vodka in hand, when I finally found my favorite Lowcountry sip practically with a halo around it at our local wine & spirits shop.

Firefly straight out of the bottle with a little lemon and water was a good idea during the BEST. TAILGATE. EVER (Andi, I hope you are reading) but alas, I have been forced to act more like an adult since then. Right now, I'm loving my Firefly with a splash of Fresca or diet 7-Up and lots of sliced lemons. It's become our own version of an Arnold Palmer and last weekend during The Masters proved to be a perfect occasion to indulge. Much like a peppermint mocha hugs you with Christmas, Firefly is like a hug of Summer. And it tastes like The South.

Looking forward to Summertime Friday nights including Firefly creations on the deck.




  1. Mmmmm, coming from New England I'd never heard of this until now, but it sounds DELICIOUS!! Yum! I'd love to give it a go, but I'm pretty positive it's not available in Vermont (especially if you're having a hard time finding it in the south!) :( Is there a recipe that's decent I could test out? Is it literally just sweet tea with a shot of vodka and fresh lemon juice?

    1. Oh it is delicious!! It's actually sweet tea flavored vodka. I'm sure you could find a recipe somewhere??? Look up a recipe for an Arnold Palmer with alcohol :) Let me know if you find anything tasty!!


      Yummy! Sounds simple enough! I think I'd love to try frozen raspberries(in place of the ice cubes) too! Yowza!

      I'll test it out and get back to you! ;)

  2. I love Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka! It is DANGEROUS! I actually live near the distillery that makes Firefly so there is no lack of it around these parts! I love it mixed with lemonade, we always call it a Jon Daly instead of Arnold Palmer ;)

  3. Best. Tailgate. Ever. I wish I could add a picture to this post from that epic lovie firefly filled day.