Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stop and Smell the Roses: Volume 3

Stop and Smell the Roses

Wednesdays have become less about what color lipstick J. Lo is sporting for the week on American Idol and more about the Fabulous Stop and Smell the Roses link up! I love that this has brought me out from behind my MacBook so that you all can get to know a little bit more about me. Plus, I've met some wonderful new bloggers while stopping to notice the rosy little things along the way!

Today, I'm sharing an organization that has brought extra joy and sunshine into my life. I have been involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters for about a year and a half and I have enjoyed every moment since! Growing up, my parents always taught us to give back to those around us and make a difference in our communities. Each of us has it in us to bring joy to others and no effort is ever too small. Being a "big sister" has truly taught me that love equals time. Watch my video below to learn more about my experience with BBBS, why I love having a "little sister", and that as much as I am having a positive impact on her life, she is doing the same thing to mine.

For more information about Big Brothers Big Sisters, visit their website. They have tons of information available and various ways to get involved. There are so many children in our very own communities who just need to be reminded and shown that they are loved. If you're interested in volunteering with a child of your own, click on the "Volunteer" tab at the top. The site will prompt you to plug in your zipcode and you will be taken to your nearest local chapter. There is also a link at the very top of the site that is titled "find your local agency".

Additionally, if you have any questions about my experience personally, send me an e-mail { I'm happy to share more details!


If you have something that you are smiling about this week and want to shoot a vlog of your own, pop over to House of Rose and link up!


  1. What a neat organization!! So awesome of you & your husband to be role models for younger kids!! Sadly, there are so many young kids & teens out there that aren't fortunate enough to have good role models within their families & need people like you in their lives!!

    I think you are AWESOME!!

  2. That is really great that you are a part of BBBS! So proud of you!! I wish I would have done something like that (before I had crazy kids - ha!) Loved this vlog!!

  3. So Jack and I finally watched all 3 of you Vlogs today during dinner! He LOVED seeing Auntie Nina on the computer and would crane his neck to look around me if I got in the way! He waved "bye-bye" to you each time you signed off, too! So stinking cute!
    Great job on them! And be proud knowing that you make a difference in your little sister's life and to the many others you touch daily with your light! :)

  4. Nina- you are amazing my dear!! This is such a great organization and it is so awesome that you and your hubby are so involved!!! You both are such great role models and your littles are so lucky to have you both!! Xoxoxo

  5. I love this! Big Brothers Big Sisters is such a great organization! A number of the women I have met through Junior League have little sisters. A few of them are so involved that they attend their parent teacher conference when the girls' moms can't be there. It really makes the biggest impact on these kids!

  6. I love this and love to hear when people get involved with BBBS program! It is so great to mentor a child. Cheers to you friend!

  7. And I found this one pretty fascinating and it should go into my collection. Very good work! 192.168.l.l