Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stop and Smell the Roses: Week 9, Vol. 6

Stop and Smell the Roses

Skipping to the mailbox is one of my favorite moments of the day. A good mail day usually consists of a new J.Crew Catalog or Anthropologie, an Ulta flyer with a coupon to further fuel my lipstick hoarding, and the newest issue of Southern Living or Cooking Light. Throw in a save the date and I'm all smiles. That's a good mail day. But a GREAT mailday? Those days could be nothing but junk mail and amidst the junk is a single envelope with a handwritten note inside. Those mail gems simply are the best!

Supplies mentioned in this video that I keep on hand for homemade stationery:
blank notecards (found at Hobby Lobby, Michael's)
scrapbook paper in fun patterns and colors
acid-free gluestick
stamp pads and markers
envelope liner stencil (made with a manilla envelope)

I'm a total pen snob. Here are my favorites for both note writing and everyday:
Uniball Vision Elite (MY VERY FAVORITE...the multi-color pack, of course!)

Send someone snail mail love this week and let them know that you are thinking about them! When it comes to random acts of love and kindness, it really doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

If there is something you're smiling about this week, film a vlog and link up with us! You can find all of the details on Mandy's blog, House of Rose, HERE.

Remember to take in the little things and find an extra reason to smile each and every day. Be positive, spread the love and always CHOOSE JOY.

P.S. "Nothing says I love you like lined envelopes". xoxo


  1. You are totally right about hand written notes being a lost art! I seriously, can't even remember the last time I sent one!! Isn't that pathetic! Gonna have to think about who I should sent a card to! Love your little personalized envelopes & stationary! Too cute!

    p.s.Where are you in Illinois?!

  2. Great vlog, Nina! I love getting snail mail, but am always so horrible about sending it! And thanks to my love of writing things down (like to-do lists) I too am a pen snob. My favorite is the Uniball Vision fine-point, but I like the Sharpie ones too! Thinking of who I might write to this week thanks to your vlog! :)

  3. Ok...this is my FAVORITE vlog of yours so far. I almost thought about jumping in the mini and driving to Bloomington (it is Bloomington right?) so I could hug you! I really love getting mail too and your right...I NEVER send handwritten notes. Times will be changing! I honestly have never seen anyone show how to do the lined envelopes either. Such a great idea. I'm going to Hobby Lobby later today and am gonna grab all these items to make my own. And who knows...maybe I'll send you a written note! ;)

  4. I am a big believer in handwritten notes! I always write a nice handwritten thank you note when I get gifts and such- and you are right, it can really make someone's day! :)

  5. Nina- this vlog rocks!!! I am such a fan of hand written notes and I am a stationary and pen snob as well! I live for stores like michaels and staples that fuel that fire!! Haha!! Love it! Xoxox

  6. Nina, I totally agree with what you said! When Carl and I were doing the whole long distance thing we used to send letters back and forth to each other frequently. I've got all of them in a big file and they're still so fun to read. Now that we see each other every day I miss that! Also, just like you, once I moved to England my best friend and I used to send letters back and forth to each other all of the time. They were just about the best thing since sliced bread. They're so personal and it makes you feel good to know that that person took the time to actually sit down and actually write you a letter. You've inspired me to send Tasha a letter this weekend :)

    Another great blog hunny! :) xoxo

  7. NIna...I am a total paper/stationary/pen whore. Sorry...that's just what my mom and I say all the time because we hoard office supplies. Ha! I am a HUGE fan of handwritten notes and I actually make my college students handwrite things in their notebooks all the time. They always look at me like I am nuts, but there is so much more time spent on your thoughts when you are writing something on paper. You have to think about it because you can't just go back and delete something. Plus, there is just something so personal about someone's handwriting. I know how my mom makes her "J"s with a big loop, and my Grandma always writes in perfectly straight lines.

    Holy crap...I just hijacked your blog with my random thoughts on handwriting. haha!! Its just that I totally agree with you and I LOVED this blog today! You make me want to run to hobby lobby right now!!! Maybe when we meet for our race (if it's in Chicagoland), I will have to take you to my favorite paper store :-)

  8. As soon as you said to think about sending a snail mail note to someone my two best friends popped into my mind. They are both going through some issues in their lives and I have not been the great best friend that I should be. Thanks for showing how to do the envelopes. I will be sending them some notes tomorrow.

  9. Love, love, LOVE, your vlogs, your hair, and YOU! Seriously. You just make me smile!

    I NEVER knew how simple it was to line envelopes. I will definitely start to that with the letters I send. I write one of my great Aunt's pretty frequently and I know that she'd just LOVE that! Thanks for the awesome idea!

    Have a great rest of your week love!

    Kenzie @

  10. I love this! Once in a while my buff and I do this and I am so going to start lining my envelopes!!!!

  11. I am starting to believe we are kindred spirits! I have a box labeled (with my label maker) stationery. It is a clear rubbermaid box full of pens, notecards, thank you cards, stamps, my wedding guest list for quick address references, etc. Also love taking pictures with someone at an event, printing it out at walgreens, and writing a note on the back and mailing it!

  12. You've totally inspired me to spread the love!

  13. LOVIE THIS IS THE BEST VLOG YET!!!!!! ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!! Let's keep the art of hand written notes going!!! I hope you like this weeks muffin mail its a good one!!!!! :) PS I am so glad you love me enough to line the envelopes! I always feel like royalty :)

  14. Nina, I love your note creations and I am excited to see you using your stamp sets from Stampin' Up!( The Designer Series papers(DSP) make beautiful envelope liners. The stamp pads coordinate with the markers and the colors in the DSP, making your cards a WOW!
    I smile when I think of your weekly mail from CAC! These are the little things that we have to keep alive in this fast paced life, and the ever expanding virtual world! The written, heartfelt word, in a handmade notecard, will always make someone's day!!! Keep stamping!!!