Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DIY: Food Photography Board

This is a DIY project fit for a foodie! With the help of my handy husband, and a little inspiration from an idea I found via Pinterest, I now have a homemade food photography board that I have started to use for my food photos! I am no professional by any means, but I'm starting to read and educate myself in the subject of food styling, play with my camera and focus on using natural light. The photography board has been fun to play around with! It provides a neutral background that makes everything look fresh and bright.

To create the board, Mark picked up some wooden stakes from Lowes. He sawed off the pointed ends and glued them together using wood glue. On the bottom of the board, he added two more stakes, glued the opposite way, to make it more sturdy. After the board was complete and dry, I painted it an antique white. 

The tutorial we used can be found HERE, on Shop Cook Make. Thanks to my hot DIY assistant for his help. I'm so thankful that I married a handyman!


  1. BAHAHHAHAHAHA HOT DIY. that sounds like something david tutera would say.

    on the other hand, good work mark!!!!!!!