Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stop and Smell the Roses: Week 11, Vol. 7

Stop and Smell the Roses

Olive oil is a kitchen staple. I often say that my kitchen should be stocked with plenty of red wine, dark chocolate and olive oil. I almost never run out of these three things. If we run out of olive oil...well...I don't know because that's never happened. Ever. It's like the starting point of every meal. And it kind of makes the world go round. 

Well, my love for oil has grown exponentially over the past few months as my blonde sister and brother in law (Sophie & Doug) opened up an artisanal olive oil shop of their own last week in Charlotte's Dilworth neighborhood. Pour Olive is sleek, chic and a perfect addition to East Boulevard. Among a list of nearly forty oils & vinegars sold at Pour Olive, you can also find various gift items fit for a foodie or to bring along with you as a hostess gift to your next dinner party. I have my eyes on some oil dipping dishes and metal martini glasses. And those oils & vinegars that they sell? Well, they're good enough to drink straight from the bottle. 

Persian Lime. Black Truffle. Dark Chocolate Balsamic. Wild Mushroom Sage. Tuscan Herb. Mission Fig. Cinnamon Pear. 

Has your jaw hit the keyboard yet? It's okay, drooling is only human.

Charlotte friends & readers, head into Pour Olive the next time you are in Dilworth. Make sure you tell Sophie and Doug that I sent you, and they'll send you home with a mini bottle of oil to try! Along with a Bottle Rewards Program, Pour Olive also has a great "green" initiative. If you bring back an empty bottle, you get $1 off your next bottle. 

I've been working on marketing and social media for Pour Olive, so you will be hearing more about this "family business" in the coming weeks. This has been such a blessing to be a part of thus far. I have so many new recipes in the works. To top it off, not only is it out of this world delicious, but olive oil has known health benefits that probably deserve a blog post of their own. You all know I'm a fan of healthy living! Have you had your two tablespoons today?

Please let me know if you check out the shop! And, if you are not local to Charlotte don't forget that you can call the store- they will ship!

1528 East Boulevard
Charlotte, NC  28203
Twitter: @PourOliveOil
Facebook: Pour Olive


  1. HOw far of a drive is Charlotte from IL?? Want me to swing down and get you and we can drive to this FABULOUS store and stock up? I am a big salad eater so I would go crazy in a place like that!! If they ever get a website going let me know and I can link up for you :-)

    Cute video as always darling!

  2. Wow, yummy! I wish I could drive there right now! I actually wish I could drive to your house and then you could make me that salad you just described with the PourOlive dressing! ;) Glad to see your pretty face back this week! I missed you!

  3. NINA!!! How dare you make me drool over Olive Oil this way! You know I have no way of getting any of these amazing flavors unless I get my ass in a boat and begin paddling! :( We're in a fight (okay, not really...but you understand how unfair it is to do this to me, yes?) On a good note, Carl and I are heading to Charlotte for one of my best friends wedding in September. Her soon-to-be-hubby is a chef and went to culinary school too (we have chats about our Culinary School experiences and chicken wings) so I think they'd LOVE an Olive Oil wedding present! And it's lovely to say that it's from a friends 'family' business. Well done! You've sold a few more bottles! ;) xoxo

  4. I am so jealous, this sounds phenomenal! Maybe I can sneak down on our move to GA! It is going to take forever to get there anyway, why not add another stop! I am glad you are helping them out!

  5. YUM!!! I so wish we had neat places like this in southern IL!! Over from Mandy's vlog link up!

  6. I love Tuscan Herb!! Congrats again to them and props to you for all of the help you're giving! Should be a true success!!

  7. That shop sounds like all kinds of awesome!! I wouldn't even know where to start with all those options!

  8. If I'm ever down in Charlotte, I'm find you & you are taking me to Pour Olive!! Sounds delicious!! Excited for you & your family!!!

  9. I am all about some Olive Oils but I honestly just don't know that much about cooking to play with different vinegars. Any tips??

    Also, totally feel like we're on the same wave length again. Did you see my post about my friend's Durham business called Big Spoon Roasters?? I bet you would love it!

  10. Nina: when I was running this morning, I saw for the first time Pour Olive Oil. I don't see their website online but caught wind of your blog when I did a search. Thanks for the information about a free mini-bottle and also the green initiative. I think that's super! I can't wait to go into the store. I moved here from Santa Barbara where the olive oil is to die for given the groves that grow all through the central coast. I've searched throughout Charlotte for a purveyor and know of only one woman who sells at the 7th Street Public Market. I just bought a bottle of her original but will go to Pour for some gifts I want to grab for friends (and maybe some artisanal vinegars for me!). Thanks again for this information on the shop!