Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stop and Smell the Roses: Week 13, Vol. 9

Stop and Smell the Roses

It's officially mid-week and what has become one of my favorite days thanks to everyone's cheerful smiles I watch on the Stop and Smell the Roses vlogs every week! I've noticed some new readers stopping in to say hello so if you're new here, WELCOME! I'm so glad that you stopped by.

This week, I'm thankful for some extra Vitamin D in my life and taking some time to unplug and be "present". I work in Communications and Social Media, and have every type of technology at my fingertips literally all day long. I have found that some quiet time without all of that extra noise is truly a good re-charge for the soul. Sometimes it's nice to just sit and be.

A few other things I'm loving this week. 

THIS SONG. On repeat. It's closely rivaling my 1998 anthem. Really, how great was this dance (which I proudly learned). Britney Spears, I will never quit on you.

Afternoon snack of berries drizzled with sweet Mission Fig Balsamic and raw coconut.

The return of Monday night dates with Chris Harrison. I'm loving this season of the Bachelorette, especially since it was filmed in the Queen City!

P90X ab-ripper (I hate it, but I love it and how strong I feel) Hello bikini season!

Lots and lots and lots of neon. In moderation of course. I'm re-living life as 5 year old Nina. 

See here:

I hope you all are finding something to smile about this week! Check out all of the smiling faces over at Mandy's blog, House of RoseHave a fantastic Wednesday!

P.S. Don't forget to wear sunscreen. Duh.


  1. I have also been trying to get outside everyday. It's starting to get super HOT here in FL so I have to do it while I can! And my hubby loves that call me maybe song! I'm sure he would totally deny it though if asked. Have a great rest of your week!

  2. This is such a good idea, Nina. I'm think I'm going to start reading outside!

    Also: "Call Me Maybe" is the musical version of crack. My friend played it once when we drove home last weekend and I had it stuck in my head for the next few days.

  3. That is exactly what Hubby and I do in the evening, we put the littles down for bed, and then we just wind down together and watch our shows, love it! We love hanging out together, and catching up on fun shows to relax! :)

  4. Seriously, how cute are you? And I love that dress, I was admiring it on your Instagram yesterday :)
    I totally agree how lovely it is to get outside and enjoy the sun whenever you can. England has actually had really nice weather this week and the past few days my friend Laura and I have gone to the park to eat our lunch in the sun. It's been soooo refreshing and put me in such a good mood for the rest of the day! :)

    Loved seeing your gorgeous face. Mwah xoxo

  5. Such good advice Nina! I have been staying unplugged (for the most part) on the weekends and I have noticed SUCH a difference in how I feel. By Monday, I feel re-energized and ready to take on the week! I know I tell you this every week...but can you please come visit me? :)

  6. It's amazing what getting outside everyday does for you! I'm trying to do better with unplugging myself. I used to constantly click on Facebook (or!) on my phone when I'd have a free minute, whether it was waiting for a meeting, at a stoplight (bad, I know), or during a commercial. I feel so much more relaxed when I'm not constantly connected. You've inspired me to try to unplug more because face it, I'm not so great at quitting that constant connectivity thing!

  7. Girlfriend...I need to unplug SO BAD!! It's getting out of control. I really want to commit to some unplugged time this summer, especially OUTSIDE!! Vitamin D is so good for you. And you look just like a vision of summer in your little dress and shades. You are so freaking cute!


    Seriously though, you look SO cute! You're just so pretty, Nina! Definitely going to "unplug" this weekend! Hope your week/weekend is amazing lovely! XO!

  9. You know what, I really need to try to unplug like this. I am in my office for several hours a day and then when im not , I usually have a phone in my hands! I seriously need to learn how to unplug after certain time! Thanks girl!

  10. I took some time to disconnect after work today. I sat and read for a few hours after dinner. It was so nice! Michael always makes fun of me for being so addicted to my phone but I am really try to start reading more like I used to.

    PS - I heard that The Bachelorette is heading to Dollywood for a date. HA!

  11. Just so you know, your videos have been the highlight of my Wednesdays :)